Vision 2020

The National Youth Model United Nations (NYMUN) is a conference that functions as a national simulation of the United Nations and its affiliated organizations, for youth, between the ages 18-30, in Sri Lanka. NYMUN has conducted two successful conferences in 2016 & 2017 to develop the understanding of foreign affairs and inculcate diplomacy skills amongst its participating delegates.
We at NYMUN wish to bring about tangible change to improve the status quo of Sri Lanka and to create a common platform for the youth to standby their values and to build an inclusive society. With this in mind, NYMUN presents Vision 2020, where we wish to tap into the full potential of youth across the island and give them an opportunity to voice out their ideas and innovative solutions that would address root causes and bring about advanced systematic changes.
The idea is to create a national youth assembly to make sure the voice of the youth is considered by the relevant authorities to ensure greater fairness of political legal and economic systems and safeguard fundamental rights. There has never been a better opportunity to organize the youth across Sri Lanka to tackle the pertaining issues and in fact this will be the first ever Youth Assembly to be organized engaging Youth from all the 9 provinces covering provincial youth clubs and societies, Universities, other Youth organizations and individual participants who are keen on bringing tangible change for a better Sri Lanka.
Vision 2020 is three phase program spanning through the timeline of three years. The first and most fundamental phase is to educate the portion of youth in Sri Lanka who are unaware of what UN really is and to expose them to the activities of a UN simulation. The NYMUN team has prepared extensive modules and guidelines to be shared with Youth from each province along with a special sub-team to conduct workshops and to ring awareness.
The Second phase, to happen in 2019, is to organize Provincial Model United Nations (MUN) inclusive of all 9 provinces. This would incorporate three provinces into a single conference in which the best delegates from each province will partake. The Provincial MUN’s allow the participants to discuss Global topics at a local level in order to adopt international norms and principles to the local context.
The third and final phase would be executed in 2020, where we bring forward the best delegates from all the 9 provinces of Sri Lanka to be a part of a bigger and better assembly and to voice their opinions, ideas and beliefs to lead the way and bring revolutionary change for a better nation.
Vision 2020 is a large scale program through which we hope to provide the Youth of our nation the proper tools to utilize and forward a better Sri Lanka. This would be conducted in trilingual basis, because we believe language to not be a barrier in the path towards greatness.