NYMUN 2018 – Conference Profile

Scaling up last year’s success, NYMUN 2018 looks to increase its delegate base six fold; setting the target at 1500 young people from around Sri Lanka and beyond. This year’s session aims to work towards creating the space for youth to learn, understand and analyse the pressing international development challenges and enhance their ability to develop target-oriented solutions. In the process of developing policies and mechanism to address International/ national challenges, young people will learn to negotiate, compromise and adopt an open minded approach to the discourse that is taking place.

NYMUN 2018, similar to last year is specifically looking at incorporating United Nations Security Council resolution 2250, titled Youth, peace and security in the overall goal of the conference and the discussions that will take place in the committee sessions of the conference. The organizing committee plans to integrate resolution 2250 via the overall conference theme, the conference guide document, topics for committee sessions and the study guides for each committee’s respective topic. Furthermore we look to further expand our trilingual aspect and our EFL Program as we can now identify more talented youth through our provincial initiative.

Conference Details
Dates: 29th and 30th September
Venue: University of Colombo


  • To engage 1500 young people in a national discourse focused on national / international development challenges.
  • To advocate and promote the principles of United Nations Security Council resolution 2282 & 2250 with special emphasis on peace building and conflict resolution.
  • To promote and create awareness among youth of the discussion on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the necessity of their involvement for it to be successful.
  • To enable the theme of “inclusivity” among our participants and thereby to create a more harmonious coexistence and greater peace building efforts.
  • To enable young people to make their voice heard in decision-making processes affecting their lives.
  • To foster skills of negotiation and compromise among youth as tools for reconciliation and co-existence.
  • To create an environment for such skills to be nurtured and developed to a level of real life applicability.
  • To create the space for youth men and women to network and build professional relationships.