NYMUN 2017

The National Youth Model United Nations (NYMUN) 2017 was held as a two day conference on the 26th and 27th August at the University of Colombo. The conference brought together 350 young men and women from across the island, with a special feature of a trilingual aspect. This initiative was endorsed by the National Youth Services Council. The trilingual aspect was most highlighted in the United Nations Human Rights Committee comprising of 47 delegates. Just as its inaugural session in 2016, NYMUN secretariat were committed in widening its reach in order to ensure that all youth, from those pursuing tertiary level education to those engaged in their professional careers, whilst concurrently reaching out to those who school. NYMUN 2017 specifically incorporated the United Nations Security Council resolution 2250, titled Youth, peace and security in the overall goal of the conference and the discussions that will take place in the committee sessions of the conference. Furthermore, apart from the conference and workshops conducted, a special interactive session on Resolution 2250 was held bringing together experienced panelists including founder of HashTag Generation Senel Wanniarachchi, who also served as the deputy secretary general for NYMUN 2017. Finally, along with having many sub events prior to conference (Open Mic Night / Workshops etc), the organizing committee also introduced a new programme along with the theme of trilingual, which was titled the “Enable a Future Leader Programme” (EFL). This provided us with the opportunity to sponsor 35 youngsters from across the island in order to cultivate their skills and nurture their skills further.