GA2 – Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN)

The Economic and Financial Committee, commonly referred to as ECOFIN, is one of the six constituent committees that comprise the UN’s General Assembly. As it reports to the Plenary of the General Assembly, the Second Committee also consists of a representative of each UN Member State, each vested with a single vote, with decisions on resolutions and other procedural matters being taken by a vote of simple majority.

The Second Committee of the UN General Assembly deals with matters pertaining to the thematic areas relating to economic growth and development such as macroeconomic policy questions; financing for development; sustainable development; human settlements; globalization and interdependence; eradication of poverty; operational activities for development; agriculture development, food security and nutrition, and information and communications technologies for development. Resolutions that call for greater engagement of the international community in relation to partnerships and endeavours, such as establishing international days commemorating developmental achievements, also fall within the purview of this committee.

Conference Topics

• Invigorating global macroeconomic policy in the context of External Debt Sustainability in developing countries.
• Combatting Money Laundering and terrorist financing within the International financial system.